Ohio RCAP receives state and federal funding under the following programs, which will pay for it's technical assistance to qualified communities.  Availability under each program is limited based on the funding received each year.  Communities that do not qualify for grant funded assistance can receive RCAP services for a modest fee.  RCAP is administered by the WSOS Community Action Commission, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency.  RCAP also specializes in a number of services not covered under these grants, such as energy audits, rate studies, environmental reports and grant administration, for a modest fee. 

Funders / Partners

Ohio EPA - Division of Drinking and Groundwater
Funds Ohio RCAP to assist community water systems, including mobile home parks, with populations under 10,000.  Services include project development, assistance with WSRLA funding applications and Capability Assurance Plans, and capacity development.
Ohio Water Development Authority
Funds Ohio RCAP to assist communities facing financial difficulty that have outstanding loans, as well as develop and present 'Short Course' training to individual communities that are planning, designing or constructing water and wastewater projects, and other special projects.  OWDA helps supports RCAP's current effort to create a shared GIS service for small water and sewer utilities. 
US Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Community Services
Program seeks to improve the living conditions of rural poor by providing access to safe drinking water and sanitary wastewater treatment in communities under 10,000. 
US EPA Wastewater
Funds RCAP to provide outreach and on-site technical assistance to existing wastewater treatment systems in rural areas serving less than 3,300 people.  Technical assistance is intended to address compliance issues and build capacity.
US EPA Safe Drinking Water
Funds RCAP to help water systems that serve less than 3,300 customers to achieve compliance with federal drinking water standards under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
USDA - Rural Utilities Service - Technitrain Program
RCAP assists communities under 10,000 in the development and management of water and wastewater facilities. 
USDA - Rural Housing Service - Rural Community Development Initiatives Program
Funds RCAP to provide comprehensive development services to targeted rural communities.   
HUD - Rural Housing and Economic Development Grant - RHED Program
This grant enables Ohio RCAP to assist selected communities in accessing resources to address their housing and economic development needs. 
Appalachian Regional Commission and Governor's Office of Appalachia
A special grant has enabled RCAP to offer Energy Audits to targeted communities in all four ARC Development Districts in the state.

These programs are targeted to serve communities in rural areas with populations under 3,300.   Many of our client communities are very small, with less than a few hundred people.  Once a community is enrolled for grant funded assistance, RCAP endeavors to continue providing services as along as necessary to complete the project goals.  Often times RCAP will work with a community for several years from start to finish for a major water or sewer project.  When demand for services exceeds the availability of funds, RCAP will enroll new communities on a case by case basis, prioritizing financial need and public health and compliance issues.