Are You Charging the Right Rates?

9:00-3:45  Lunch on your own  8:30 registration   approved for 5.0 OEPA contact hours (2.5O&M)

This course focuses on items you may be missing and their costs that could make your system more efficient.


8:30 am     REGISTRATION

9:00 am     VALUE OF WATER,  Do any of us really understand the true value of water?  This training will look at the history of potable water, and its impacts on society and health.  We will review the actual costs associated with bringing safe water to homes and businesses, and discuss the age and condition of our existing infrastructure.  This is an eye-opening session for all Board and Council members working with a water system!

9:30 am     BREAK

9:45 am     NON-REVENUE WATER,   What is your water loss, and what is acceptable?  This training will look into the nuances of water loss, define non-revenue water, and address the costs associated with water loss.  We will discuss the processes involved in a water audit, as well as when a water audit is beneficial for your system.  We will provide insight into the AWWA Water Loss Software and the Ohio RCAP Water Loss Spreadsheet, and provide tricks and tips to use them to identify key issues"

11:15 am   ASSET MANAGEMENT LITE, This session will identify how an asset management plan can help your system identify key assets, and plan simple and effective maintenance goals to improve your equipment performance and life expectancy, saving you critical money.  In addition, we will address how deferring maintenance will ultimately cost your system more money. Also covered is¨Simplified Asset Management for Small Systems ¨  Excel spreadsheet for Assets—A Simple Free Tool for AM & CIP

12:15 pm   LUNCH (on your own)

1:30 pm     MISSING REVENUE,    ¨Are you getting all that you should from your water system?  This training will address all sources of water system revenue, including minimum acceptable accounting practices.  We will address accuracy of billing systems, the value of reports, delinquent accounts and collection policies, and your existing service fee structure.

2:30 pm     BREAK

2:45 pm     EDUCATION/OUTREACH,   We don’t need no education!  Not true!  In fact, we all need education!  This training will address positive methods of communication for all Mayors, Administrators, Board Members, Council Member, Operators, and even the customers to tell the story of our water systems.  We will look at reports, forms, and other documents as well as social media and even meeting communication, to make sure the needs of each group are understood and targeted effectively

3:45 pm     ADJOURN


Any questions, contact Clarissa McDermitt at 800.775.9767