Required course for WSLRA Principle Forgiveness Funds
5.0 OEPA Contact Hours - 9:00-4:00, Registration at 8:30am  lunch on own

This course focuses upon Technical, Managerial, and Financial Capacity of your system.  Topics include responsibilities of operator and management, rules and regulations, personnel issues, budgeting, record keeping, and more.


  • Management’s responsibility for operations
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Ohio EPA’s role
  • Operation & maintenance of systems
  • Existing and proposed rules & regulations

  • Regulatory and legal requirements
  • Dealing with planning and emergencies
  • Personnel and staffing issues
  • System policies and procedures
  • Security issues

  • Capital improvement planning
  • Budgeting
  • Rate-adjustments
  • Record keeping
  • Replacement & emergency funds


Check back after the first of the year for dates and locations.

Any questions, contact Nadine Thompson at 419.334.8911

This course is also offered online.