The Safe Water Fund is a low-interest loan program for small community water and wastewater projects as well as other types of community facilities projects in Ohio.  This program is open both public entities for planning, design and construction activities.  In some circumstances, private entities may also be eligible for water and wastewater project.  Generally, the maximum amount available is $250,000 for construction projects and $100,000 for planning and design projects (based on availability).  This program is intended for gap financing after other available sources are obtained, or to fund projects that only require a smaller amount of capital.


  • Current rate for construction projects is 4.0%, up to 10-year term  
  • Current rate for planning and design is 4.0%,5-year term
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Low-income rural communities receive priority  
  • Intended for gap financing and small projects
  • 1% origination fee  
  • Open cycle application process with financing available on a first come first serve basis
  • Technical assistance is available to applicants.  

To date, the fund has been used by multiple home parks, communities, districts, and a tavern for various water and wastewater improvement projects.  Please contact Kristin Woodall or Angie McConnell at(800) 775-9767 or (419) 332-2029 for more information. 

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