Funding Resources:
State and Federal Fiscal Years  
Types of Water and Sewer Service Providers in Ohio  
Funding Agency Eligibility Table
Ohio RCAP Funding Grid
How to Obtain a DUNS number
Ohio EPA Water Pollution Control Loan Fund Application  
RCAP Safe Water Fund Application

Project Development:
RCAP Funding Scenarios Spreadsheet - compare up to 7 scenarios

RCAP Funding Scenarios Spreadsheet - for potential USDA RD projects

Small System Project Development

Project Management:
RCAP Project Scheduling Spreadsheet

USDA Project Outlay Reporting (Replaces 402-2 Form - a useful tool even if USDA is not among the funding agencies for a project)
402-2 Instructions (Read Me First)
Training Powerpoint
Budget and Income/Expenses Spreadsheet
402-2 Outlay Report
402-2 Training Sample
Double Entry Records

Rate Setting:
Design Loan User Charge Calculation
Calculate a Water Tap Fee
Tips for Defending Rate Increases

Agreement between Sewer District and Village to shut off water for delinquent sewer bills

Generic Wastewater Customer Policy Manual Template

Asset Management:
Simple System Inventory & Prioritization Worksheet

Financial Management:
WADOH Financial Viability for Small Water Systems Fact Sheet
RCAP Finances Tracking Spreadsheet
OPWC Capital Improvement Form

Financial Toolkit 4.0 Developed by the Washington RCAC (includes a Required Reserve Calculator)
Financial Toolbox Instructions 4.0
Financial Toolbox 4.0 in Excel
Monthly Budget Report Worksheet in Excel
Spreadsheet to create an Amortization Table



Board / Council Responsibilities:
Am I a Good Board Member Self-Quiz
Board Meeting Preparation

Water District Call Information Log

Project Planning / Management:

Ten Tips to Help Communities Plan a Water/Wastewater Project

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Process:
Ten Tips to Help Communities Hire an Engineer

Conduct Better Meetings:
Keys to Better Public Meetings
Parliamentary Procedures at a Glance
Sample Standing Rules

Management and Oversight:
Clerk Duties During a Construction Project

What Does Annexation Mean to Me?



Contingency Plans and Mutual Aid:
Contingency Plan Template

Sampling, Testing & Reporting:
Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Template
Total Coliform Sample Siting Plan Template
Disinfection Byproduct Monitoring Plan Template

Operations & Maintenance:
Waterline Break Log
Simple Maintenance Schedule Forms



Metered Water System Rules:

Example Water System By-Laws
Example Water System Rates and Fees Ordinance
Ordinance to adopt updated Rules and Regs

Unmetered Water System Rule:
Rate resolution example for new wastewater system with no meters and a school

Metered Sewer System Rules:
Comprehensive sewer regulations, rates, connections, inspections, and delinquent accounts policies example ordinance
Another example of an ordinance with comprehensive sewer system rules and regulation including a pre-treatment requirements
Example Wastewater System Rate Ordinance
NEW BPA Billing Ordinance for Multiple Habitation Units

Unmetered Sewer System Rules:
Sewer Rate Ordinance for new system with metered and non-metered customers
Example Resolution Establishing Small Sewer Rate in Advance of Actual Service to Pay Planning Loan

Other Rate Ordinances:
Automatic Annual Rate Increase by Fixed %

Delinquent Accounts:
Resolution to collect delinquent bills using liens on property
Agreement between Sewer District and Village to shut off water for delinquent sewer bills
Notice of Shut-off
NEW Legislation for shutting off sewer service in a community with no water service
Final Notice

Connections, Tap Fees and Assessments:
Timely Customer Connection Plan Resolution (for new sewer systems)
Sewer Connection Policy for New County System

Backflow Prevention:
Backflow Prevention Cross-Control Ordinance Example

Right of Way Ordinance example for new sewers
Comprehensive Rules Example for a Water District
Generic Water Customers Policy Manual Template
Generic Wastewater Customer Policy Manual Template

Cooperative Agreement Examples:
Example of Cooperative Agreement for Joint WWTP between two Villages
Example of a Bulk Water Purchase Contract between two Villages



Customer Service:
Example of a Customer Rights and Responsibilities brochure - from Fortville, IN

Backflow Prevention/Cross Connections:
Homeowner Association Backflow Prevention Brochure template (specific to Ohio)

Source Water Protection:
Karst Brochure

Sewage Treatment/Inflow & Infiltration:
Illegal Sewer Connections Brochure example (note this is a large MS Publisher file)

The Walkerton Case (in Powerpoint -story of how 7 people died and 2,300 became ill in May 2000 after the public water system became contaminated )