(Formally known as 'Lost Water')

Ohio RCAP is concerned with your non-revenue water, are you?  Non-revenue water is money lost (unaccounted for).  Did you know that most of your non-revenue water can be accounted for and either saved or metered and paid for?

Unaccounted for (non-revenue) water isn’t a big deal in most systems. Right?   We deal with a lot of communities with 30-40% non-revenue water.   Did you ever stop and consider that every 10% or non-revenue water equals 36 days of the year that the water plant produces water for nothing!   Big leaks are easy to find, and correct.  Small leaks lose more water over time as they are difficult to find and continue to leak for extended periods.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has a free water audit software program to help compile and show where your water is going. To get a copy click here. Ohio RCAP can assist you with this software.

In addition, Ohio RCAP has developed a simple excel-based spreadsheet to help systems track their water.  On a monthly basis, you enter the water leaving the plant or purchased, the water metered at the customers, water used for maintenance/flushing lines, leaks, the water metered but not billed (like the City building) and you get the percent of apparent losses of non-revenue water.  As you enter data monthly in the spreadsheet, it plots a graph on a separate page to show the trend of water use.

The spread sheet also can figure “gallons lost per service”.  “Gallons lost per service” is a new standard developed to measure non-revenue water.  Using the “percent lost” standard as we have for so many years is not an accurate measurement.  It can vary depending on the water produced to the system and system layout.

To download the Ohio RCAP Non-Revenue Water Analysis Worksheet, click here

Any questions, please contact Tom Fishbaugh at 419-332-2032.