Guiding and Funding Your Future

5.0 Contact Hours -9:00-4:00, Registration at 8:30am  lunch on own


This course focuses on 'what's next'. We will look at;

  • Planning - short term and long term planningand tools for you to use to assess and evaluate your system planning.
  • Capital Improvement Planning - how to create a good Capital Improvement Plan
  • Life Cycle Cost/Present Worth - are you looking at the real cost of your project? What will it really cost over the life of the system. Does the preliminary engineering report accuratly reflect this?
  • Reserves/Financing - where does the money come from. This session will review current funding options, applications and timelines. Look at optimizing budgeting for reserves.

 Any questions, contact our Community Development Program Assistant at 1-800-775-9767.