Our Award Winning GIS Team Provides
Cooperative GIS Solutions for Small Utilities and Local Governments


Has your community considered implementing a GIS program, but the cost of software, equipment and training or additional personnel has held you back? In 2008, RCAP embarked on an ambitious effort to find a solution for its communities that wanted to implement a Geographic Information System (GIS). Recognizing that the needs and uses of a GIS among these communities is different from large cities and counties, we began coordinating small communities to obtain funding for the study and development of a GIS program to fit their needs and budgets. 

The RCAP GIS Team has assisted over 50 communities in the past five years, and now with a core group of utilities that have GIS data to use, RCAP is operating a Cooperative GIS Service to help them maintain and make the most of their data.  This includes a web application created for local government and utility staff enabling data editing, identifying valves to isolate breaks, and other cool features without requiring GIS expertise to use it. RCAP is also able to provide basic services for smart phones.  
With the flexibility to go beyond just water and sewer, our team can provide comprehensive GIS services for small municipalities and townships to add and maintain GIS data for many other types local government assets and services, including street sign inventories, landscaping, parking meters, cemeteries, and recreational equipment.
Delivering high quality data and services that small communities could otherwise not afford are at the cornerstone of the program.  In 2014, the RCAP GIS Team was honored with a Best Practices Award from the Ohio Office of Information Technology through its Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP).
All small local governments, districts and non-profit utilities in Ohio are welcome to participate in this shared services program. 

For more information, contact Sherry Loos at 330-677-3438.

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