Controlling Your Project

    5.0 Contact Hours -9:00-4:00, Registration at 8:30am  lunch on own

     This course focuses on what a Board Member should know about a project. We will look at;

  • What Is It You Need? - What is your project? Do you know what that is?  What is needed? Why? What are the options? What will it cost? How do you understand what is needed and what to ask. What should you be lookinng at?

    What Does/Should a PER Address? - What is a PER (Preliminary                        Engineering Report)?  What is it for? What should it address? What is my role  in it?

    Project Bidding, Contracts & Specification Documents - What are these           things and why should I care?  What should I know about them and what               should I be asking? Doesn't the consultant take care of these.

  • Using Design/Build - CMAR - What is Design/Build? Should we use it? This process for construction of a project will be reviewed. Also a look at CMAR, (Construction Manager At Risk) type of project constrution.  Pros and Cons will be evaluated.


    Check back this fall.

     Any questions, contact Clarissa McDermitt at 800.775.9767