5.5 OEPA Contact Hours - 9:00-4:15, Registration at 8:30am  lunch on own

This course focuses upon Asset Management, Budgeting, and Rate Setting. Topics include inventorying assets, developing & implementing an asset management plan, incorporating the plan and reserves into the budget, setting goals for rates and implementing, providing templates for budgets and rate setting, and more.

  • Inventorying assets; estimating replacement costs, prioritizing projects
  • Developing and implementing an asset management plan
  • Incorporating other capital improvements
  • Planning for outside funding
  • Resources and software

  • Preparing useful expense and revenue budgets, and budget reports
  • Incorporating the asset management plan and other reserves into the budget
  • Spreadsheet templates for budgets

  • Rate setting goals, rate structures and analysis
  • Impact of inflation; establishing rate adjustments
  • Setting equitable rates and defending them
  • Spreadsheet templates and software


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